Monday, 24 March 2014

23 week pregnancy update. another scare!

23 weeks pregnant! Time is flying by now, thank God.
This week brought us another scare! Halfway through the week I was taking a bath, when I noticed what looked like my mucus plug floating around with fresh blood 'clots' as such. I wasn't panicked, as I was sure it was quite common, but we rung the midwife anyway. Alyssa went off to my mums incase I needed to stay the night at hospital. Luckily my blood group meant that if I rested, the mucus plug would grow back (regenerate) and most likely hold out until the time is right for baby to make her arrival! However it was important I was resting, and trying not to sit up, as baby pressing down on the cervical opening could push more plug out!

Luckily it's stopped since then and our little sprout is wriggling and happy inside, but when we realised it wasn't as common as we thought,  we were quite scared!

Symptoms this week are still quite the same. Nesting is well and truly in place, heartburn/acid too! Yack! My breasts are growing fast and it would appear 'leaking' as such already- not fun!!
I'm feeling quite tired of an evening so heading for bed around 9, and getting up early.
My appetite is unusual, sometimes I can eat and eat and eat, others I can barely eat one mouthful!

Movements are getting so strong, i'm sure she did a full somersault the other day! When I look at my tum I can see her wriggling inside- it's the most amazing feeling. 

Emotionally I'm feeling good, although a little anxious. Next week I'll start to be weaned off of my medication and I'm not sure how I'll react. It's been a hard decision staying on them until this point, especially with the risks to baby, but I guess without them it's hard to even know if I myself would still be here, let alone myself and the baby.

Hormones are all over the place and I keep crying at the smallest thing, although I know this is just pregnancy and not my depression. Happy things, sad things.. funny things, you name it, I'll be there crying lol!

Overall i'm really ready for this baby now. We've almost finished the girls room and soon will be planning a baby shower, deciding on our birth options etc. I can't wait!

That's all this week, sorry for the TMI. Stay tuned for next weeks update! :)


  1. I remember the half way stage well. Rest as much as you can. For heartburn, try drinking tonic water

  2. I had 3 babies in 3 years so remember this all so well xxx Enjoy it xxx as for heartburn I tried everything and gaviscon was the only thing and milk that helped

  3. awww this sounds panicky! Glad you're OK though :-)
    I'm at 33 weeks now and been having a right old down time of it. Would love it if you came over and had a read/comment? xx